The Gutter Press Guru

The proof that this article is little more than trash, is ironically being endorsed by the quality of journal that is now publishing it.

The author’s blind-sided fear of anything that slightly hints of “cult status” is perfectly evident in her latest career move - becoming the vigilante heroine in her own self created saga - of dethroning attempts by cheap defamation - to satisfy her own slowly expanding group of cold, intellectual separatist followers - viewing truth only through the tiny pinhole of their own, rigid expectation.

If this history itself does not raise suspicion as to her own pain inspired motivation - then the lack of thoroughness in her one sided appraisals - should be enough for any reader to take the story with a pinch of salt.

Yet unfortunately the damage is done, the mission achieved in staining a reputation - by the power of suggestion.
A shocking abuse of journalistic responsibility - a token gesture only to the word of free speech - certainly not in the spirit of balanced, truthful reporting.

As far as I can ascertain - the author, carrying her own baggage of transgender anxiety - buried in the denying camouflage of her own career aspirations - stoops as low as possible in her latest dethroning attempt.
I do not believe that the author - Be Scofield - has ever met her abused target - Teal Swan - and collects her secondhand journalistic waste produce - solely from a small minority (meaning tens of people at maximum) - out of several million who have encountered with sincere appreciation, Teal’s assured wisdom and generous gifts of healing.

A mere handful - who it has to be said - have also allowed themselves to be blindsided by their own disappointment, or their own severely challenged expectations - when confronted by Teal’s  radical and iconoclastic style and content.

It is not for the faint hearted, nor for those who cling to consensus fears of identity and brainwashing.
However - it is for the sick at heart.
It does address the imbalance caused by the pressures of modern day living - and resonates to a timeless and natural truth.

Judge by their fruits - an expression once used in the question of discrimination - between genuine teacher and charlatan.

Regardless of the fact that Teal’s style and personal history falls deep between the cracks in the way of expectation already paved - the perceptive will understand how there is a firm synchronicity between her early life path and her destined mission of healing - as she possesses methods, freshly constructed for this modern age.
Dispensing with the chimera of mystique - shunning stereotypical expectations for spiritual teachers - embodying a radical and fearless vulnerability - encouraging all to authenticity and healthy skepticism - Teal is as far from a cult leader - as the author of this piece is, from being a worthy journalist - if this present output is any indication.
It is cheap journalism - focused entirely on the standards of lowly gossip, hearsay and biased opinion - cherry-picked to fuel a predetermined agenda - established by ignorant and in-substantiated fear.

The author is advised towards the wisdom of abandoning her own prejudices when seeking truthfulness - and expanding her potential as a multi dimensional being - rather than chasing fame as a tired hack.
Reaping the benefits of studying her subjects first hand, in the fearless embrace of a new breed of liberty - which radiates from a teacher, bespoke for this age.

Equipped to rid human consciousness of the very necessity for such abuses as this article so woefully displays.