Help! Oh my goodness - I've been tagged!

This has never happened before - it's a meme - "10 things that make me happy."

Thank you Lucy Lopez for passing it on to me.

Well - it's quite strange when it comes to actually focussing on happiness, what exactly is it?
Does it imply that we are unhappy, until these moments of happiness arrive?
I don't feel that is so - they are peaks in an already positive landscape.
They seem to categorise themselves - for me.

* The relieving of a natural urge or desire - restoring comfort.
* Surprise events, serendipity - that snap us out of our expectations.
* Artistic satisfaction.
* Appreciation of constant treasures.
* Sublime moments of connection with or acute awareness of the miraculous.

1) The glow of satisfaction that follows a creative journey - be it a musical composition - or a piece of writing. When all the editing is done - and everything has fallen into place - you can allow yourself to say "It is finished."

2) Conducting an orchestra - when all the elements of a performance align themselves - a responsive audience, the weather (it affects the sound,) energy levels of the performers, singers, the orchestra playing sweetly in tune - there appears to be a golden thread running from start to finish - carrying the emotions - in an unbroken arc - and you are reminded again of the power and purpose of theatre.

3) Being "in the zone" - moments of improvisation on the piano - where I find the key, the harmony, the melodic phrase of that moment - a unique expression of inner feeling - translated into a mood, an atmosphere - it comes and is gone - but for that short duration - ecstacy.

4) Singing in a harmony group - where the result is so much more than the sum of the parts - to feel an entire group breathing, phrasing - singing as one - the sizzle of the harmony making the hairs on the neck stand up and take notice.

5) Receiving an unexpected compliment or appreciative remark - how considerate, to go beyond
themselves in that way - I must remember how pleasant that is - such a simple way to pass on a parcel of joy.

6) Driving on a beautiful day - when I have actually allowed ample time for the journey - a chance to practice good road manners.

7) Dreams - especially flying dreams - that is absolute ecstacy - to be able to levitate at will - and
fly. It's impressive as well.

8) Moments when the sublime humour of creation hits the nerve - caught unexpectedly with our sense of logic rendered helpless - and one is engulfed with laughter.

9) Feeling a heart full of love - knowing that it is there all the time - and that it depends on nothing externally.

10) The appreciation of friendship - it is a mystery how and who we meet in this life - and there are those precious friends, there in all weathers, for many, many years - in an unconditional way. That is a great blessing. I hope that I occupy that place for some people.

All done - wasn't as hard as I thought - in fact, I could probably go on. It is very therapeutic actually - to count one's blessings. Thank you Lucy.

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My goodness - this is getting very revealing.
  1. List these rules on your blog.
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7 FACTS about Ellumbra

1 - WORK: Left school aged 15 and joined the Grenadier Guards Band as a musician. Purchased a discharge after 6 years - on the road with a jazz/rock band - now self-employed - mainly working as Musical Director in theatre.

2 - EDUCATION: Professional qualifications - and experience - bucketloads.

3 - FRIENDSHIP: Quantity diminishes but quality shines through as time goes by. Mainly fellow musicians - an earthy, friendly race.

4 - RELATIONSHIPS: Married twice - divorced once - currently not in an intimate or happy personal relationship (work it out.)

5 - WWW: I can remember back to the 90's when it was the buzz-word - and I didn't have a clue what it was about. Buying a computer soon fixed that - it seems to become more and more useful and engaging every day. Many positives - and potential negatives.

6 - FITNESS: Fit - like to eat healthily - was vegetarian for 10 years, until I was seduced by a suasage roll - still prefer non-meat dishes out of choice. Enjoy yoga, from time to time - tea-total - but I do partake of tobacco (in the Native American way) - no, that's a cop out - I'm addicted.

- DREAMS: Still working at them - they are elusive and ill-defined, but include artistic satisfaction, spiritual happiness & and a fulfilling relationship.

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