The Zeitgeist Movement

Who are Zeitgeist Movement?
If it did not exist, would we need to invent such a movement?
Do the times we live in require an organised solution?

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I have just spent a couple of hours watching a film that was linked to me by a friend.

It's called Zeitgeist:Addendum and is available to watch here.
It is a sequel to the film Zeitgeist, released in June 2007 - available to watch here.

Certainly many, if not all, of the issues raised in the film are of monumentous implication - and appear to be the unspoken voice of many of our concerns today.
Becoming more relevant as each day passes.
As such, the title of the film - Zeitgeist - the spirit of the times - is most appropriate.

I urge you to watch both films for yourself.

It is easy to create a convincing media presentation when allowed, uninterrupted by alternative views, to present a stream of thought and ideas which appear to point to an obvious solution.
However, we live in a world of constant bombardment from advertising hype and spin, representing commercial or political interests - perhaps we are wise to this effect.
How much is the Internet similar to the Emperor's New Clothes - in terms of how easy it is to peddle ideals?

Save the Net

In the context of the Internet, where freedom of opinion is rightly guarded as paramount, this enables people to present their own answers or responses.
As such, I have noticed a growing amount of material - in some way denouncing or demeaning the value of the proposals and ideas contained within the Zeitgeist movie.
I cannot really understand any diametrically opposed views to those presented by the film, or see any merit in labelling the Zeitgeist Movement (whatever that is) as just another separatist movement, amongst all the alternatives. That is surely a perception that is at odds with the very ideas the film is putting before us?

However, I consider this liberty an extremely healthy state of affairs - and I am certain that the substance of the film is adequately robust and profound to stand on its own - and provide a stirring stimulus to any debate or further discussion.

Without appearing to be in any way negative to the overall thrust of the ideas - realising that ultimately, it is completely a matter for individual awareness, individual action or inaction - considering that we are all held in the vice of monetarism - and that social evolution, in the past, has seemed to be laboriously slow - the question which I would most urgently raise is - although it is obviously the first vital stage in the process of transformation, the achieving, through individuals, a critical mass of consciousness - doesn't the scale required to achieve such transformation and the historical uniqueness, the radical nature of the fundamental principle changes involved - find humanity reaching out with their hopes into completely uncharted territory?
There is probably no such precedent - this is pure creativity - the power of imagination.
But then - what isn't?

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To most minds, I am sure, the appeal of this transformation and the urgent need for the gradual replacement of the old model is instinctive - they appear to be evolutional necessities.

Is it possible to convince an already distrustful society to grant responsibility and authority, in sufficient quantity, to any movement - to any "corporation" - for the coordination of acheiving such a radical change?
Does such radical change itself need coordination?
Surely it will be another process of transformation - slow rather than sudden - dependent on the gradual increased consciousness of the planet?
Is it possible to hasten this process, to cultivate it inside a greenhouse?
What is the mechanism, the practical reality of such a process?

As such, can there be any possible tangible reality to such a movement as Zietgeist Movement?
Can it really have any teeth?
Is all of humanity the men and women behind this curtain?
Can a "corporate identity" achieve a lasting social transformation over and above the usual natural evolution?
Are we living in such times that require this?
Is this a very part of that natural evolution, now we have the tools to raise awareness, globally, via the Internet?

But I concede to one of the most alarming points in the film, that perhaps an invisible "corporate identity" already has achieved a transformation - to our detriment - but that is sinister and rather conspiratorial - and carries more than a hint of electing a scapegoat for something in which we all share the responsibility. I find it hard to believe - but certainly not impossible - that we have been hijacked into an ignorant and deliberate "slavery" by the monitarists of this world.
Yet the film was definitely extremely convincing.

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The future awaits - with answers to these questions.
I would welcome any serious analysis of this.

I do not wish to undermine the efforts of anyone contributing to the growth of human awareness - and thus encouraging the way to reductions of poverty, inequality and famine - eventually to their elimination.

Please do not view my commentary here as negative in any way, it is purely to stimulate discussion, to open the subject up to continued debate and understanding.

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Can we come up with something new? Something that works?

Where do politics (government) and spiritual truths meet?

Please leave your comments - they are most welcome.