Infinite Science

Could science itself be an infinite quest?

Constantly, the net of discovery is becoming more and more refined - first of all catching whales, then discovering that whales trap krill to eat - then asking "What does krill eat, and what does that lifeform eat?"
Evolving through chemistry, the tables of the elements, to physics and a point where it considered protons and electrons to be fundamental, universal building blocks, but has now discovered a whole range of smaller particles - Quantum Physics - Quarks, Mesons, Bosons etc.
Sretching to the limit the ability to prove by experimental means what mathematics and theory suggests and predicts.
Although the word atom is derived from the Greek "atamos" - meaning uncuttable, or undivisible - science appears to have found further divisions.

This refinement is taking it into regions of "Atto" measurements - a billionth of a billionth.
Discovering oscillations at speeds that challenge the ability to measure - appearing, perhaps to be superimpositions - or conveying the dual existence of Schrodinger's cat.
Particles with the properties of waves?

It is journeying down the road to the infinitely small - the infinitely fast - which will always remain at least one step ahead - concealing always something around the next bend.
Or perhaps it is coming to the edge of the current paradigm, requiring a radical shift to proceed further.
Beyond the event horizon of this paradigm lies a whole new universe of understanding - which requires that it abandon such notions as time - limitations presumed - such as the speed of light.

Perhaps even the tool of logic may prove too blunt - the light of our intelligence too dim.
Our arms are too short, despite the evolving technology that we equip them with, to reach any final goal - because maybe there isn't one.

Science itself is an infinite journey - a perpetual discovery - with its historic acheivements being simply milestones stretching as far as the eye can see.
At some future date - certainly - the amazing excitement going on at CERN right now - will be just another chapter in the book of human scientific adventure - a few pages further on from electric light and penicillin.

But science is somehow part of our DNA - that curiosity we have - a vacuum that so urgently sucks in knowledge and understanding.

The great caverns hewn out of the ground at CERN, where the vast megalithic experiments are housed, are aptly known as the cathedrals.

For the active worship that takes place there is surely a demonstration of the deepest reverence - an awestruck obsession with the mysteries of creation.

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