I Love Your Blog Award

I am completely bowled over - to have received this . . .

. . . from CarolinaZ - whose deliciously haunting style I have enjoyed for some while now.

Thank you CarolinaZ - I am honoured and thrilled, simultaneously.

And so, not wishing to thwart the centuries old traditions of the Internet - it now falls to me to distribute this award and spread a little blog-love further afield on its heart warming journey
around the blogosphere.

The jury are now back from their long debate & have decided to pass the award on to two blogs, already visited on a regular, if not daily, basis - for the pleasure of spending time there . . .

(Drum roll - Fanfare . . .)

To Dave of Pics and Poems.

& to Lucy of Longings, Enchantments and Sacred Spaces.

o - once again - an enormous thank you CarolinaZ - you've made a happy blogger - even happier.


Carolina Z said...


It is my absolute pleasure to spread the word about you.

Ellumbra said...

@ CarolinaZ - now it's me - lost for words . . . thank you.

Lucy Lopez said...

Thank you for spreading the word about me, Tim! It's much appreciated :-)

When you've read my latest post at LESS, I hope you and your readers here will be interested in some regular, mutual support/promotion that is not 'award driven' but post driven.

I'm looking forward to being a part of a Bloggers For Each Other Group or whatever name we decide to give it... :-)

Anonymous said...

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