The Door to the Kingdom

A Psycho-spiritual assessment of human experience - using subjective science (or put another way - a whole lengthy post to point out the most simple thing - too simple - let me entertain you.)

Everything is a process - one major process - being the evolution of consciousness.
This evolution is unfolding in the eternal now.

Quite literally and emphatically - there is no time - only the process.
When we observe a clock - we are watching a process, nothing else.

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Time is purely and entirely a perception.

The human brain has evolved, as part of the evolution of consciousness - we have evidence of its past stages.
It has evolved to support the being, surviving in its environment, being shaped by the gradual understanding of this environment, in terms of sensory cues, spatial awareness, gradual development of subconscious instincts etc - obviously an enormously complex process, a miracle of nature, but nonetheless - a part of the one process.
Important to this discourse is the fact that the brain (and mind) have evolved entirely in response to environmental cues and as such are finely tuned for this purpose - observation and survival in our perceived surroundings.
The brain has evolved, incorporating this understanding within its very design - as such, if you like it is "forward facing" "outward facing" - a finely tuned partner in conjuction with the physical sense organs.

Quite naturally, born into a human body, we adapt ourselves entirely around the sense of reality inherently projected into the mind - a sense of reality that is 100% the result of interaction with the environment.
The structure of our logic, our rationale, our understanding of space, our conceptualisation - prismatically refracting one whole experience into a myriad of compartmentalised moments, events, objects, ideas, theories etc. - the whole gamut of life, of experience - as interpreted by the mind.

As a rule - we learn to live with this CPU of the brain interpreting everything for us - the experience we are given is entirely, lock stock and barrel - the consequence of the mind.
It is important to fully realise that our entire sense of reality is entirely projected into our awareness by the mind.
Reality, as we know it, as we are so comfortable inhabiting, that we take so much for granted - is only a perception.
Therefore our very own reality is only conditional - it is a condition of the mind - and that is the process of the mind, taking place every second, minute - every hour of our lives.

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However - that very time itself is a projection of the mind - it is purely a perception.
The mind, as it were - smudges the "now" - it draws the experience of the "now" imperceptably into subtle memory, creating a sense of continuity. We could not possibly survive very efficiently without that process - it is where all the cues for continuity exist - in the process of "now" becoming progressively replaced by more experiences of the now.
The process that is happening is continuity of consciousness - from within that "now" - there is no other time.
Our memory is our previous "nows" - stored as memory, perceived as "nows" gone by - it is the process of memory that is all - and it is that process which creates the perception of time.
Time is only that perception - the future exists as a projection of memory - into a presumption of there being a future - simply because we have presumed a past. The whole concept of time as passing, or being linear - is entirely only a perception - a process of the mind.
However - it is an enormously strong perception - one that is entirely believable - is not our whole life ordered by this "imaginary" time?
Are we not convinced we have a tomorrow - when the process continues evolving - the earth in its orbital process around the sun - time is a product of awareness and the process of the mind.

The problem we have in even imagining around this state of "no time" - is that "time" - being a perception - contains the implication of observation - even in our imagination - abstract thought.
Observation implies awareness.
We cannot conceive of unconsciousness - we cannot possibly imagine it - because the very act of imagining can only occur through consciousness.
As conscious beings - it is utterly impossible.

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Why is all this necessary as an explanation before the Door to the Kingdom?

OK - I firmly believe that our lives are influenced by the fundamental substance of our being.
We form values involving love, liberty, the value of human life - because these represent some of the attributes of our fundamental being.
We strive for that liberty, for that love and joy that our fundamental being knows for itself - and these are manifest into our physical existence - intertwined with time and space.

As a result of the process of the mind - our firm and established belief in time - we are often separated from the awareness of being - by absorption in the consequences of the mind. We will often miss the subtle experience for the less subtle.
The subtle experience is that of awareness itself - easily obliterated by the colourful & busy world of the mind.

One result of this is that we have substituted a limited, relative perception of reality for an awareness of the infinite - within our own being.
This awareness is born from the eternal now - and constantly floods into our being - potential experience becoming actual experience.
That potential itself - as explained - is not a consequence of the process of the mind - therefore there is no time for this potential - only process.
Potential without time is infinite, eternal.
Process without time is infinite.
I cannot stress enough - time does not exist other than as a perception - a process of the mind.

Please pause at this point to realise how even our language refers to our total belief in the presumption of time.
The very words I use here - "constantly" "becoming" - even "now" itself. "Now" is perceived to be no more than a window, a moment of passing time - as if it were sandwiched somehow between the "past" and the "future."

A part of the reality that we experience as a result of the process of the mind - is relativity - where objects appear to exist in separation - a consequence also of the process of individuation - being born as individuals.
A part of that reality is that we strongly identify with that individuality.
As far as we can instinctively perceive (through the process of the mind in its normal mode of operation) we are indeed separate - why should we not identify ourselves as this individual?
Why not indeed - perfectly natural - individuality is our vehicle for experience.

Part of the relativity is our system of values, judgements, discriminations, polarities, affiliations, likes, dislikes - the mind has prismatically refracted one whole experience into many - many opportunities for choice.
Another part is our conceptualisation of reality into ideas of things, separate things, applying labels, names - further segregation that has been useful in the evolution of our understanding.
These processes are those of logic, language, rational, intellect etc. all themselves attributes of the one potential - but shaped and primed from our "forward facing" attitude towards life. Forward facing and completely intertwined with the minds own projection of time. These are all essential processes of our evolution, but we have now come to a turning point.

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To see beyond the mind.

We should start to consider, that perhaps this door (a metaphor, obviously - for we have very few words to use as signposts in the realm of the unknown) - perhaps this "door" is one that we already have stepped through, on our journey from childhood.
When we stepped out of the kingdom and learned to live more and more identifying only with the conceptual world of the mind.
As our physical stature grew - our kingdom started to shrink.
When our infinite world started to feel the pinch of definition.
We should think of this as the front door to the mind - the back door is the one facing outwards and forwards - through the senses.

Instinctively, and completely naturally - something that we entirely accept as intrinsic to our reality - is conditionality.
The way we perceive ourselves - our self awareness of ourselves - is conditioned by the process of the mind itself.
There is great wisdom in Judge not, lest ye be judged - it is the same value system that we apply to our environment that we apply to ourselves - our value system that has been moulded entirely by our perception of the physical world.
This gives us a very restricted vision of who we actually are - remember - our perception is our reality all the time we are interfacing with the CPU.
How can we observe ourselves without intercepting these limits, these conditions?

We import into our subtle but influential perception of ourselves, the "memory" of our physicality, endorsed by our sensory perception of our fellow human beings.
Our perception of ourselves is that we are restricted to the confines of a physical body.

Just to show you how crazy this can get - your perception of the top of your head - exists for you inside your head - where your awareness interfaces with the CPU.
Your perception of the soles of your feet exists inside your head.
Critically - your perception of inside your head - exists only as a perception - inside your head.
So - where is it really?

This awareness - this mind?

Observe - it can only be inside your head - if you remember your head - and presume.
It can only be inside your body - if you remember your body - and presume.
In fact - you cannot say "where it is" - you cannot confine yourself to a space at all.
Sense your being - feel it - become familiar with the dimensions.
How big - how small?
It is all over you - you are all over it - the same - we cannot relate our being to anything we have taught ourselves from merely observing the "physical world."
It is in a different realm - the kingdom.

When we close our eyes, all of a sudden - we project the perception that we are now "inside our head" somewhere - but all we have done is close our eyes.
We remember the perception of our head, or body - and presume the rest - based on the process of the mind.

I hope you are following this - it's all very practical - please try it.

In other words - eliminate the subtle but influential presumptions based on our "physical logic" - and we are in a completely unknown dimension.
Where is your mind?
All around you?
Can you hear it telling you who you are, who you think you are?
That is all presumption - perception - it is not as real as you may believe.

Something else that we import into our perception of ourselves is our projection of time, interpreting the process of life, of growing, physical change - as being "time based."
Convinced that we have a limited "time" - happiness becomes our treasure - reinforced by the pleasure principal itself - reinforced by our fundamental substance being attracted to joyful experiences - reinforced by nature's tendency for balance and harmony - happiness, contentment become permanent goals in our lives.
Some may balk at that idea, in denial - believing that some conceptualisation of altruistic value actually transcends this fact. That is probably a concept that is muddled by old fashioned moralistic dogma. It is a myth.
Human beings seek happiness - a basic tendency - which we recognise in others - and gives us our basis of morality.

Because of the process of the mind - our happiness is sought linearly, intertwined with our projection of time.
This allows us to ignore happiness, temporarily - believing as we do that it exists in our "projected future."
From long term projections, to really subtle projections, we defer our happiness from the "now" - into a mythical future - because we are speeding along inside the hamster wheel - our mind - the imaginary scenery being scrolled past - like in the old movies.
What Carlos Castaneda wrote about "stopping the world" - is exactly this - stopping that hamster wheel - even for a moment - to glimpse the reality - the reality of our own being.

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To know that we are indeed, truly infinite beings - in fact - that we are all the one infinite being - the whole, the all - separation is not the reality - nor indeed is our limited perception of ourselves, who we truly are.
This is the eternal truth - hard to believe - but that just goes to show how pervasive our perceived sense of reality is - it's utterly convincing isn't it?
Yes - until you see beyond that projection.

To know that in the "now" - the only place that exists - lies the ability to observe the temptations of the hamster wheel - the lures of future happiness - the discontent that awaits a future resolution that will never come - all the colours of the rainbow, refracted from the one whole experience of that "now" - that allow us the projection of "choice" - but also separation, segregation, likes, dislikes.
All that becomes united in the "now" - as one experience - in which one has real choice - to obey the dictates of the mind or not - to be dragged by the mind back onto its hamster wheel - or not - if you can only stay in the "now" - where your awareness of infinity affords you such an amazing experience of abundance, of true cosmic mystery - to know - beyond any doubt (which only exists in the mind) of your being - your home - the universe in its awesome majesty - is all there - for this short journey on earth.
Such a sense of peace and fulfillment - to feel that abundance - to feel that unity with everything - it is there in that "now."

There are no negatives in that world, there is nothing lacking - nothing that cannot be.
Only fullness, continuance of completion.
There is only the gift of this awesome reality.

Where is the door?

Acceptance - deep, willfull acceptance.
Acceptance beyond effort, beyond the struggle to be - because your being already is.
Accept this gift.
Your being is calling out to become whole with itself - listen to its cries.
Accept - relax - gradually stop the hamster wheel - sink back into the "now" - sink back into awareness - it's always there - that awareness isn't going anywhere - ever - there is no place for it to go - there is no "time" for it to go - it always is - it is you - me - everything - your eternal home - your infinite being.
It can only be forgotten while believing in the fairytale of "time."
Open yourself up with gratitude - to the abundance of life - of existence - the complete and utter unknown - that is the reality of this experience on earth.
Forget the explanations - the excuses - don't put it off - it is "now."
Forget the theories - you are not a theory - you are a human being - this is your birthright - this experience.

Gratitude - humility - awareness - being.

The mystery of stillness - is utterly profound.

Try it.

Peace and love to all.

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Lucy Lopez said...

You're right Tim, it could all be captured in a few words. Plato gave us two: 'Know thyself' :-)

In my experience, one of the qualities of the 'unconditioned', the 'kingdom' is its non-attaching quality.

Imagine trying to separate off a quantity of water from the ocean while still a part of it. Impossible and wearing! Yet this is what we are constantly doing. In fact, it is one of the qualities of the 'conditioned' - attaching!

We attach because we do not see ourselves as the ocean. We see ourselves as an isolated drop, somehow abandoned and outside the ocean, therefore needing to protect and preserve our'self'!!!

But there is nothing outside the ocean, the kingdom, god, brahman, the Tao! It is not possible to be 'outside' that which we are!

When we can contemplate this, then we will begin to attach less, and instead, relax into the allness, the fullness, the completeness, the innate happiness of our being,our kingdom.