Tony & Carol (A Highly Erotic Romance - with a twist)


Tony thought it really sad - and completely undeserving that Carol had never been on a real date. She had told him as much in one of the videos she had recorded and sent him electronically via the Internet.
Time seemed to be running out - Carol was due to return to her homeland, Brazil, on the 23rd of that month - uncertain of her future, of whether she would be returning to Europe. Not that it was an insurmountable problem, the distance. Tony had traveled at least as far in the quest of his heart before now - and surely, he thought, nothing could possibly prove more disastrous than what had happened before.

But to show Carol that he damn well meant every word he had ever written to her, to prove the sincerity of the compulsive longing that was bursting his heart - he would start by fixing this "never had a date" business.
It so happened that the 23rd was the only free date that Tony had in his diary between two contracts - time for a quick trip, a flight to Frankfurt. A message left on Facebook read simply - "Flying to Germany evening of 22nd - I have a hire car at my disposal - I'm going to take you out on a date. Please inform me if this is totally impossible - for any reason."

This would be it - perhaps the only opportunity for a meeting before distance intervened - different time zones started adding complications to their communication.

The next 24 hours were tense as Tony awaited Carol's response - there were 9 days to go before the flight to Brazil - she would no doubt be busy with preparations. Would she get to read it at all? The Internet was their only means of contact - they hadn't even exchanged email addresses - it was all being done at Facebook. But they both knew that the thread of love, no matter how thin, would not be broken - so long as it was true - it was a comfort to them both, in an insecure world - that indeed - every day's passing proved the strength of their growing bond.

Tony recalled how it all came about.

In the course of propagating a warning around the Internet of a very unpleasant occurrence with a previous relationship, from a dating site - Tony subscribed to BlogCatalog - a social networking site for Bloggers.
Clicking through the various members, visiting their own sites, perhaps inviting "friendship" is one of the ways to network - to attract more visitors to your own particular projects.
One day, he discovered a site by CarolX. The most enigmatic and haunting poetry greeted him on this, his first ever visit there.
Accompanied by a selection of photographs of the author.
Knowing not the first thing about this young girl, Tony nevertheless was aware, in some deep instinctive part of his being, that here was a girl with something mysterious brooding inside of her, a clarity of thought and sensitivity, whose colourful use of the carefully chosen words of her poems somehow communicated a deep understanding - it was in an emotional language that he felt completely fluent in. It had resonance.
The young girl in the photographs was stunningly attractive - and Tony felt moved to leave a comment for her.
Just as our personalities manifest differently in different company - Tony felt carefully for the words to use in his comment - and was moved by the spirit of the girl he was communicating with - here for the very first time. The creation of this comment, again confirmed that he was talking to someone who would understand him - because of the words that were alchemised out of instinct.
Carol's subsequent reply simply set the seal on this awareness. Yes, it was not a figment of the imagination - this girl and this man - somehow, had something quite intimate - a sharing - on some level. For Tony it created a great frisson of excitement.
The months went by - occasional visits to each other's sites - comments being left - always revealing that spark, jumping from soul to soul.

Magnetised by a mutual fascination and curiosity which grew from the subliminal until it burst into conscious life - with an exchange of passionate intensity. Both appealing to the other to bare themselves, in total honesty, in a tender trusting of each other - a ruthless truthfulness that would bring them together as close as it is possible across the Internet.
It was an Immaculate relationship - existing, at this time, only in the text based world of the Internet.
To some, that would be second rate - not fulfilling the desires of the flesh.
But how much more intimate can it be than to bare your soul?To be honest with your thoughts, your passions? If this is missing from even the most physical of relationships - then surely, it is they that are second best?
These were the conclusions that led them both to continue their adventure, in their own kingdom, they called it - away from the gravity of physical existence - where love and liberty reigned supreme.
Very soon, exchanges of other media began to happen - audio messages - they were able to hear each other's voices - video messages - they were able to see the other breathing, smiling, laughing in their own environment - all of this adding a certain amount of "noise" to the original signal that had been intercepted - the signal transmitted through their writing.
As far as Tony was concerned, this noise consisted of the imposing reality of Carol's physical beauty.


Imagining the sort of turmoil that was going through Carol's mind these last few days before her departure, it was understandable that a reply to Tony's request only came through at the very last possible minute.
But there it was - in his mail - Anne Carol Xante has left a message for you at Facebook - and a copy of that message, which sent Tony's heart racing, pounding the blood audibly through his veins, arousing in an instant his masculinity out of it's presumed retirement.

Yes - this girl had a magical power over him alright. A power contained within her haunting words - that spoke secretly of an understanding - a common emotional language - a power contained within her photographs - those legs, so smooth, so strokeable - from her firm calves, exquisitely sculpted ankles, to the unimaginably ecstatic silkiness of her yet undiscovered thighs, the inside of those thighs - with their mysterious magnetism - some unseen biological ley-lines - like the lines in the petals of flowers - that lead the thirsty bee to the source of nectar. The gate to paradise garden opens here, at that creamy, golden softness.
And the power of her beautiful face, her sparkling eyes, her warm smile - as observed in her many videos - regularly supplying Tony with barrels full of lust.

In a short while, courtesy of the Internet, a plane ticket was booked for Frankfurt and a room at the Steigenberger Hotel for the night of the 22nd November.
Tony hastily sent instructions for Carol to contact him, or to meet him at the Hotel - his flight was arriving in Frankfurt at 3' o' clock in the afternoon - a whole evening, and wishing on heaven, possibly a night to spend with his adored one. Tony was quite certain, uncannily so, that Carol would turn out to be exactly as he imagined, as he had dreamed - she was adventurous, bold, beautiful - and creative - this would be a time to remember for the rest of his days.

At times like these, it just does not do to give any credence at all to negative thoughts - what ifs - it's just a case of DO IT - and live to be thankful that you did.

An uneventful flight and a cab ride deposited Tony and his light luggage on the steps outside the sumptuous looking Hotel, and soon he was peering inside the drawers and cupboards inside his very comfortable room. Making the space his own - he hastily undressed, throwing his clothes with abandon just anywhere, and headed for the luxury of a shower - and the unfamiliar fragrances of the complementary toiletries.
Of course - perfect timing - a head covered in shampoo, eyes squeezed tight - the phone could be heard ringing above the noise of the gushing shower. Urgently Tony grabbed a towel from the heated rail, wiped the froth from his face and eyes and dashed into the bedroom wrapping the towel around his waist.
"Hello - room 517 - can I . . ."
"Ola" said a voice that pierced straight into Tony's soul - that exotic tone, so full of spirit "It's me . . ."
"Oh my goodness - wow - this is so weird, wonderfully weird - I can't believe this is happening - are you really going to go through with this?"
Tony questioned - still convinced that Carol was way too good to be true - that there was a catch somewhere along the line - no one this beautiful could surely become a part of his life in any way so deep and meaningful?
"Shall I go home then?" said Carol.
"You're already here?" Tony squeaked.
"I'm just having a coffee downstairs in reception. Are you going to come down?"
"Just finishing my shower - I'll be there in five minutes."
"No - enjoy your shower - take your time. All in good time." Said Carol, calmly, comfortingly - pouring a soothing oil over Tony's stormy turbulent sea.
"Listen, Carol - thank you - before I hang up, just one thing."
"OK?" prompted Carol.
"It's just that - well - please understand how I feel - if you are who I think you are, I am not going to want to hide or bury my feelings for you - I will have to just say to you - those words - you know - that I've been waiting to say. It might be a little odd for us, at first, but I just have to close my eyes and remember - and I know again, who you are. It's as if . . . "
"Tony - go and finish your shower - I know what you mean."
"OK - see you ASAP." and he blew a kiss down the telephone.
The phone buzzed it's dialing tone in response.

So the shower was still running, a quick rinse and he'd be down those stairs like a shot - at least that is what he thought.
No sooner had he stepped out of the shower for the second time when he heard a gentle tap-tap-tap on the main door to the room. Tony stopped and listened - just to make sure - again tap-tap-tap.
Still dripping wet -Tony left the steamy warmth of the bathroom and leaving damp size nine footprints in a trail across the deep red carpet all the way to the door he slid aside the little brass cover of the peep hole.
There was just enough time before it steamed up from the heat of his face, fresh from the shower, to see Carol, unmistakably it was her, adjusting her shoulder bag on the other side of the door.

Tony opened the door a crack and beamed around the edge of the door - "Excuse me, please - I'm not dressed yet, I didn't know you were going to come up to . . ."
"Surprise, surprise." said Carol easing her way into the room and leaning her back against the door to shut it. "Tony - what's the point of pretending? What's the point of hiding behind a stiff etiquette - this is an adventure of the heart - we cannot, we must not be manipulated by what we think we should do. This is our time - to do what we must do - what we feel compelled to do - and this is it - I am here - we are here - why did you come all this way? For etiquette?"
Bringing Tony speedily to his senses, confirming all that he had hoped for in Carol's sincerity - it seemed that she was feeling the same as he was - gave Tony the courage to relax. His heart beating faster than ever before - Tony took the one step that was between them - and greeting in a very catlike manner - touched his forehead against hers - while leaning forward on his extended arms, a hand either side on the door frame.
Wow - that first touch - currents of electricity zapped into Tony's brain.
He detected now, above the novel smell of the shampoo and shower gel, a delicate yet deep floral fragrance - carried on the heat from Carol's skin - her face, her elegant neck, wrapped in a woolen scarf. Carried in the cloth of her coat. Imprinted in the leather of her shoulder bag. Carried to Tony's nostrils, to his brain, to his heart - and to a permanent place in his memory - Carol's smell.
They held that moment - both with a quizzical smile and an unblinking stare into each other's eyes - almost challenging each other - well - see - we both kept our word - here we are.

He felt the cold from outside in the material of Carol's heavy coat on his bare chest - and immediately wanted to let her share of his warmth. he started unbuttoning the coat, which with Carol's assistance was soon slumped on the floor around her ankles.
Underneath - a vision of summer radiance - Carol's glowing skin - her perfect shape - lightly garnished with a cotton dress, the thin straps loosely, delightfully playing about her shoulders.
Her beautiful legs, gently dipped in a pair of white strapped shoes.
And heaving with each breath, dancing with the heartbeat inside her chest, her heavenly breasts, rising and falling - calling out to Tony's hands, his sensitive hands - he could feel their beautiful roundness, their soft but firm feminine luxury, the crispness of her nipples on his tongue - just by imagining - he felt their call upon his lips - the playfulness of his teeth - the threat of sharp danger, the abandon to trust - the invitation - the surrender to love, to deep, delicious lust - to the honeyed glow, the intoxication of forgetting - of being buried so deeply in these moments that nothing else existed.

Tony felt a rising at the front of his towel - an inexorable pressure - the seeds of life were queuing up for an ancient dance - an age old ritual - a primordial act. Pulsing to the rhythm of a primitive & powerful drum - he felt the eternal man, the essence of masculinity. And there in front of him was the beautiful cause of all of this - all that was happening in his heart, in his soul, in his mind - and obviously now, to both of them - in his body.
Slightly embarrassed by this uncontrollable betrayal of his eagerness, he wanted desperately to press against her - clothed or unclothed - she was like a magnet to him. He pulled Carol towards him - one hand in the softness of the hair at the back of her head - another pressing the middle of her back, bringing her close - he looked into her eyes - shook his head with wide-eyed disbelief - and silently - communicating everything now in that secret semaphore of body language - their mouths prepared for a first kiss.


Such a warm, sunny smile could only taste as sweet as honey.
Such an exotic tongue, loosened by laughter, lubricated by humour, made vital by the intellect - moistened with a privacy that only the most intimate have known. Tasting the essence of taste itself - the sweet, the sour, the salt - that wondrous elixir - Carol's uniqueness - to let her own saliva mingle with his, to swallow it whole, greedily - take her in - let part of her be inside him - and live there forever - something real, of her, from her - a part of her very self.

Time stood still - every frame, frozen - enjoyed in its minute detail - the first lightest brush - smile upon smile - the comfortable fullness of soft, warm flesh - the feel of hot breath, caught between a gasp and a sigh - the enclosure, the seal - ensuring that none of this escapes - that nothing can eavesdrop on this privacy - tongues encountering shiny teeth - tongue intertwining with tongue, like a pair of snakes in a passionate mating coil - flanking each other closely - following, echoing, dancing the same dance - sliding - pushing - testing for strength - swallowing - breathing - a long corridor brightening - doors have opened - the soul has flung open wide all its barriers - the light floods out - the spirits rise in the breath - heart screams out to heart - love me, take me, enjoy me - I love you, I am taking you, I am enjoying you.
And all this time the eyes are no more use - they have turned inwards - gazing at the crystal - looking at the flames.
All is a world of taste, of tightly pressed faces, of hands in knotted hair, of masks set aside, of mingling, of a contained explosiveness, an animal power that must be rationed, with adoration, with softness, with gentleness - lest its full energy become consuming, cannibalistic.

A tiny fraction of longing had been appeased, satiated by this - the first kiss - but this glorious appetizer had in turn set in stone, had written in large letters across the sky - had commanded the universe - so inevitable now was the completion of their union - the ownership of both of their lives had changed hands, both had given completely to the other. Everything that happened now was foreplay - tantalising, ecstatic teasing. Each word, each look - each movement - the space between them had become conductive - the air itself transmitting neurological messages, sparks - erogenous signals.
They would not be parted, physically, for more than the lift of a fingertip. A circuit had been completed and now the current had to keep flowing - currents of touch, currents of love. How deep would they let their longings sink their barbs into each other - how would this adventure affect their lives?


After the eternity of their first kiss, with stars in their eyes, their heads full of short-circuited synapses, nerve endings fused together - indeed the world that greeted their sight now was brand new.
Tony lifted Carol bodily, balancing himself on one leg - with the big toe of his free foot managed to prize off Carol's shoes, and sweep them out of the way. He then placed her down so that her bare feet were standing on his. He held her tightly in his arms - pressed her close to his naked chest - he felt the curve of her breasts for the first time - forming a soft, yielding cushion between them. He felt her slender waist - the firm sloping of her buttocks away from his hand - irresistible fruit - a course of the meal that they were both preparing for - a particularly sweet dessert that aroused much more than his appetite.

With his hand just above these succulent cheeks, he pressed her loins hard against his. Recovered from his embarrassing arousal earlier, now in its more habitual state - pointing to the floor - nevertheless - Tony could feel all the delicate contours of Carol's body through the towel and her thin cotton dress.
Holding her precious body safely, his movements were shadowed by Carol, on top of his feet - as they performed a slow dance - twirling, turning, spinning - laughing - smiling into each others eyes - kissing - chests, necks - lips again - those now beautifully familiar lips.

An erotic tango - joined at the hips - which never once released their urgent pressing.
Tony's hands descended, on impulse, to cup Carol's buttocks - two firm, luxurious domes, as he pressed against her harder and harder. Compulsive instincts were now shouting their orders from all sides of his brain - how could he contain all this desire - it was beginning to be overpowering - overwhelming - what would happen if his self control was to be defeated?
He was starting to find out - he dropped both of his arms to the hem of Carol's dress and with his fingers outstretched into the gap between her legs, smoothed his palms over the back of her thighs, his fingers sensing the softness, the give of warm flesh - becoming softer, smoother as he slowly and firmly brought his hands up underneath her dress - until he held her bare buttocks - all that was exposed beyond her very brief panties.
He lifted her again bodily, and allowed her to slide down against him - forcing her to feel the tip of his now, once again erect penis - jutting up underneath the towel - jamming it, through a wad of toweling, cotton dress, cotton panties against her crotch.

Brushing aside her hair with the tip of his nose, with a flurry of quick kisses, Tony made his way from her cheek to her earlobe - nibbling it gently with his lips before the urgent message was loudly whispered into her ear "Carol - you are so delectably gorgeous . . ." but at times - somehow the English language just seems tame, too confined a space to express the choking explosiveness of desire - and profanity seems more natural, more earthy, more honest - "I won't be able to get enough of you, I want to fuck you so bad - I love you so, so much - I want to eat you up - suck you, fuck you, lick you, kiss you - I want to thrill you every fucking way that I can . . ." and completely in an unplanned, unconscious move - the couple found themselves rolling on top of the made up bed amidst some of Tony's cast off clothes from earlier on.
Casually throwing a sock onto the floor, removing a trouser leg that had resisted gravity - the bed was cleared - leaving the playground vacant for these two intertwined lovers.

Still firmly grasping Carol's buttocks in his hand, Tony laid back, with her lying completely on top of him - Tony slid his legs aside, lifted them and crossed his ankles together behind Carol's back, pulling her down for another long kiss - he held her head in his hands - and rolled over so that they were now both lying on one side. But Tony winced suddenly - some of his chest hair had become entangled in one of the small soft buttons at the bust of Carol's dress. She looked down to see what was causing the trouble, carefully undoing the buttons, one by one. The offending button was soon found, but the unbuttoning continued. On reaching her waist - Carol grabbed Tony's hand and forced it inside of her dress - placing it upon her silken smooth breast.
Tony could feel the chuff of her erect nipple brushing the palm of his hand. The point of no return had been passed - in the first second of their very first kiss. Any ideas either of them may have had about going out for a meal, about chatting things over - well - they seem to have got lost on the way somewhere. This was honest to goodness passion, nature's way, lust, delicious lust - desire meeting desire - flesh craving for flesh - nothing was going to stop this runaway now.
Carol was not wearing a bra under her dress - her breasts were beautifully free - unrestricted - Tony never wore underwear either.
Tony shut his eyes as now both of his hands explored the sensation of Carol's wonderful breasts. Oh the delight, to be inside Carol's intimate zone - her private world - her bountiful gifts of femininity - so perfectly answering the call of Tony's desires.

He swept aside the open lapels of Carol's unbuttoned dress - with eyes shut tight, and with the instincts of a suckling child, homed in on her nipple with his lips - toying with his tongue - it became like the lost world in his imagination - a rising plateau out of the continent of her breast - he felt the uniqueness - the slightly rippled taught skin - the tense edges - the walls rising to the top - the soft breast tissue beneath - the tension, the throbbing expansion perfectly echoed the throbbing he was feeling in the tip of his manhood - now extended, reaching out to its full length and protruding through the parted towel.

Carol, in one swift move, curled up her knees and slid off her panties, throwing them behind her head. They hit the wall above the pillows and came to rest halfway off of the bed.
Tony reached out to flick them on to the floor - but their warmth changed his mind - he pulled them in - deftly spun them around in his hand until the inside of the crotch was facing upwards.
Carol's most intimate smell - how he had been craving to know this, to know that taste and smell. Greedily he brought his hand holding the panties to his nostrils - rubbing it all over his nose - the ecstacy, the divine scent, like an animal with a fresh kill.
His nose received a signal also, of a different kind - the tip of his nose detected a distinct dampness - a cloying dampness - juices from Carol - trickled - squeezed out by her passion - her readiness - it is totally an animal thing - this smell - this moistness. Tony eagerly rubbed his tongue over the gently coarse fabric - feeling the strange drying that the cotton brought - but all the time tasting, smelling, he wanted to drink her soul, swallow her whole - intoxicated by secret pheremones.
Her essence - Divine Carol - goddess in his heart - they were about to become as close as it is possible - they were about to share their bodies with each other - to enter in - trusting - throbbing - exploding with desire and longing - those most intimate parts - just made for each other - perfectly lubricated - perfectly stout - perfectly equipped with sensation - the universe would find a new center soon - at the tips of those most sensitive parts - joined together in a tingling ecstacy - waves of life's warm fire, licking at them, engulfing them both, burning up all longing, satisfying every craving - the perfect way to express that deep, profound, unconquerable love that had brought them together - it was as far as they could go - before death itself brought them anonymity and another perfect union.


Tony was quite used to a life of philosophizing, chewing the intellectual cud, ruminating over the whys and wherefores of this existence - this baffling adventure, the miracle of life.
But he had never in his entire time on the planet, been moved so deeply as the time he had spent since the communication with Carol had started.

It was a complete mystery to him - it was not as simple as seeing her physical beauty, and falling madly in love, in an infatuated sort of way.
No - somehow Carol made him buzz, vibrate - the intense passion that he felt towards her was generated from the inside. Being close to her, expressing how he felt, letting her know exactly what she meant to him became an essential - a determined necessity to him.

Many times, before they had actually met, he would collect his thoughts on the subject - trying to put things in perspective - was he just being crazy? Every time this happened, he would clear the picture, rub the slate clean - leave space for reason - for common sense to assert itself again - but every time, something else would happen.

Left with only his own soul to contemplate, just his own heart - everything he felt in that space would start to sing - one name - Carol - he could only picture one face - Carol - he felt that every aspect of his life, every atom of his being would be perfectly in tune with one person - Carol - she appeared as the Eve for his Adam - natural woman for natural man.
It was for all of these reasons - because it was generated from the inside - that his passion was so strong - his desire to be intimately close with her - he needed to connect on every single level - he needed to hold her, to press their hearts together in a tight embrace, to kiss, to open mouths into each other, to let the spirits fly into each other's heart, to breathe her breath, to taste her taste, to feel with her sensations.
He loved her, he adored her - physical union was elevated way beyond any notion of sex - it was a desperate union of souls.

And as they lay there, entwined, their energies flowing around between them like a fireball - the foreplay for their most intimate union had already begun.

Tony removed the panties from his face and saw Carol smiling at him, with a look in her eyes that brought a tidal wave of warmth from his heart.
He felt his heart break open - such a joy flooded his being - that his eyes started to moisten with tears - how could such happiness have escaped him until now.
"Carol" he said, with a lump in his throat - "This is almost too intense for me - and I really want everything to be so special. Would you mind if I just hug you, cuddle you for a while - hold you so close to me - let me try and take this all in? You are so special to me - so precious - I just want . . ."
Carol smiled and nodded her head "Wow - I know what you mean - I don't want to rush this either - we don't know what other memories we may have, do we - I mean, to take away with us?"
The frightful prospect of separation after this night in heaven together suddenly haunted both of their minds.
This was indeed the most precious of moments.
Tony squeezed his eyes tight shut, rubbed away the moisture from his eyelids - a resigned smile formed on his lips - he took a pace forward on his knees and squatted down beside Carol's head as she reclined back on the top of the bed.

He stooped down and kissed her on her forehead, then both of her eyelids, then the tip of her nose - then he lay himself down on his stomach, cupped her head in his hands and their lips met once again in a warm compassionate kiss - tongues playfully flicking each other - delighting in the intimate taste of the other's mouth, his hand delightfully exploring  the smooth, graceful contours of her gorgeous neck.
"Let's snuggle up under the bed-covers" - suddenly Carol sat up - "could you help me off with my dress" she said, raising her arms up to the ceiling. Tony positioned himself facing her back, and started to pull the dress up from just under her armpits, sliding it up and over her head.
Naked Carol - shaking her hair into place - not a stitch - save for her wristwatch - which she took off and placed on the bedside table. Tony began to feel overdressed in the towel, and Carol, as if slightly bashful at her sudden total nudity, brought her knees up to her chest, crossed her arms and started to reach down to hold her feet, curling up into a compact shape - and looked rather sheepishly up at Tony, with a pixie like smile. "It's beautifully weird, wonderfully odd this - isn't it." Tony spoke, to relieve his sudden embarrassment at realizing that he was still modestly covered.

"OK - we vowed to be honest, totally, nakedly honest - not hiding anything - I love you Carol - well - here's me then." So saying he pulled open the knotted ends of the towel wrapped around his waist, took off the ring he wore on his little finger and placed it inside the curl of Carol's watch, aware that everything he owned was now dangling from just below his stomach.
"Here's me" he said again - and sat himself in a similar position to Carol
facing her on the bed.
Their eyes met - a long stare - a long beautiful smile - "Here we are then" said Carol.
"My God, you're so fucking gorgeous" said Tony - genuinely choked by the
power of this fresh reminder of how he felt.
"Shall we?" He inquired, indicating the inside of the bed with his eyes and head.
"Hang on a moment, please - let's let our eyes explore for a while - can we?"
"Carol - if I explore you with anything, I'm going to get excited, so it really makes no difference at all."
But at this suggestion, as if he needed permission, he looked down - through a tiny gap between Carol's ankles, he could see, nestled between her beautiful buttocks on the bedspread - almost glowing in it's magnetism - the folds of her labia, her vagina lay within - her clitoris lay, perhaps, hooded at this moment.
"I want you to see the effect you have on me, sweet Carol - most fucking tantalizing girl I have ever, ever known"
With that, Tony stretched out his legs, revealing his penis in it's last few seconds of flaccidity. He knew that he was about to be aroused by the sight he had just seen.

"Just watch" he said.
With that, both pairs of eyes stared down at where his penis was slowly rising from between his legs. Up to the level of the tops of his thighs - it did a little twitch - righted itself - starting to swell ,  imperceptibly at first. The foreskin gradually becoming tighter and tighter as the purple glans that it covered began to swell and shine - the foreskin gradually pulling itself back of its own accord until the head was free. And still it stiffened, still it swelled - until pointing upwards towards his navel - lying now across his stomach - raised from the skin - throbbing by the passion that was pumping inside his veins.
Tony knew exactly how to handle himself - after all he had been doing it for quite a few years - solo sex - and grabbed his penis by the shank, close to where it parted from his body and lifted it so that it was pointing towards the ceiling - with a push of his groin - and lowering his hand to pull back and downwards on his scrotum, bringing his balls out of the way - the full length of his penis now pointed up away from his body.
"Carol - this is what you do to me - you turn me full on - whatever you may think - I don't care - this is my passion - full on for you - this wants to explode inside you - no idea what you expected - this is me - not small - not large - it's just me."
"Wow - I've never seen an erection happen before, up close like that" said Carol "That must be amazing." Instinctively she made to reach out with her hand - then stopped, midway to ask "May I hold you?"
"Fucking hell Carol" exclaimed Tony "I'm all yours - but I'm really sensitive at the moment - being here with you."
"OK - here - take my hand, put it how you want - now we are being so open with each other - the reason I wanted to do exploring with our eyes - I want to show you, me." So saying, she stretched out her legs flat onto the bed, raised her hands to her breasts and gave them a little squeeze.
"Oh my goodness - Jeez - fucking hell Carol - you are so fucking gorgeous . . ."

As she slid her grasp around, up and down Tony's hard penis she took hold of his hand with her other hand - pulled him towards her - Tony spread his legs so that one passed either side of her and her slightly arched legs now allowed them to be so very close - Tony could have just bent down his penis and been able to touch it to the outer lips of her vagina.
In his mind - it was elevated in status - yes - the genitals, for all their sublime sensitivity - were functional parts of the anatomy - pure and simple - but within the mind, they caused such a stir - the cloistered secrecy, the privacy, the intimacy. Carol's vagina was to Tony, literally a garden of paradise - the word vagina would have stuck in his throat, sounding awkward - just as penis sounded so cold and anatomical - instead of how he was feeling it - cock, prick - likewise - her delicious garden was a cunt - a fucking beautiful cunt - juicy, warm, soft - scented with her own particular smell - he had smelled it on her panties.
He placed a hand on top of Carol's, strengthening her grip on his cock, bending it a way from his body to get the blood pumping.
His other hand was under the guidance of Carol's other hand - and was slowly being moved - she was separating his fingers - selecting his index finger - and curling all the others back into a fist.
She raised his index finger to her mouth and to the greeting of a soft, warm pink tongue - wet with freshly gathered saliva - she covered the tip of his finger - and lowered it down to her cunt.


Tony had recently looked back at the comments on one of Carol's social networking sites, to see just when it was that he first started to feel her mysterious allure - and discovered that he had left a comment to her on July 4th - some 4 months previous. In all that time, a little magic had been working away inside him - and more recently a big magic.
Often he would lie in bed, taking the memories of Carol's pictures, videos with him in his mind - just saturating himself in the glorious glow of the thoughts that  followed - eyes closed - focused in his mind.
He could not help but wonder at the sheer delight of how it would be, miracle upon miracles, if they were ever to spend time together, he would imagine her - the feel of her breasts in his hand, the softness of her glossy hair, wondering how she looked, naked.
Now - that miracle had indeed come true - and all his wondering, his wild imaginings were being matched now with real sensations.

Carol took the finger that she was gently leading and stroked the length of it up the line of her outer vagina lips - causing her to shut her eyes momentarily, with a sharp intake of breath and dip a toe briefly in the shallows of that vast sea of ecstasy - feeling the tiniest fragment of its potential bliss - brushing the flat surface of his finger nail up and over her budding clitoris - sheltering under its hood. Tony's fingers were sensitive and nimble through many years of piano playing - he had direct lines of communication from his fingertips to his heart and the sensation of Carol's most intimate secrets, feeling her heat, her moist readiness - and remaining slave to Carol's guidance - was hard - it was hard for him to not immediately turn into the animal that lurked just beneath the surface now, force her on to her back and fuck her with her legs splayed out by his grasp of her calves for maximum penetration, pulling her repeatedly closer and closer so that he was buried inside her up to the hilt - thrusting hard a furiously until his seed exploded into her loins. That was what his instincts were crying out to do - but his heart refused them - his heart wanted tenderness - insisted on a shared pleasurable experience - he would be patient.

His finger was led to her little crop of pubic hair - carefully crafted to look so natural - Tony wanted now to sip at that fountain - he wanted to taste, to kiss these heavenly lips - he would be patient.
Turning his wrist around, Carol proceeded to part her outer lips with his finger and gradually insert it into the glowing dampness of her vagina - he felt the mysterious corrugations on the inside as she pushed his finger slowly - in and out - in and out - how he wanted to suck his finger now - covered in her delicate juices.
Tony realized that his eyes were shut as he concentrated on this dreamlike time - how could this be happening - he kept asking himself - he blinked open his eyes - to find Carol smiling - her own eyes shut tight - as the gentle rhythm of this micro-penetration continued.

Tony stared across to her beautifully feminine breasts - her dark nipples - now soft and smooth.
Enough was enough - he had come to bursting point - his balls were starting to ache with the retention, against their will, generations preceded this moment - all of evolution - procreation ever foremost on its schedule - all this weight suddenly came crashing through the barrier of his resistance.

Pushing Carol on to her back, he placed both of his hands on her breasts, squeezing their inviting texture, toying with her nipples which responded by hardening again - he bent forward and kissed her - speaking into her mouth "Fucking hell Carol - I'm going to take you, I'm going to fuck you and fuck you - my cock is screaming to bury itself inside you . . ." He smeared his lips away from hers - following the shape of her neck - down to her nipples - plucking at them - fluttering his tongue over them  - kissing the luxurious soft flesh of her breasts - daintily nibbling her nipple with his teeth - just firmly enough to lift and drop - lift and drop - intakes of air through his mouth caused a coldness - comforted by the warmth of being sucked into his mouth - played with, enjoyed some more. Down to her little navel - he kissed her navel - explored it with his tongue - lowering his hand he painted the inside of her soft thighs with the tips of his fingers - causing Carol to spread herself open wide and thrust her pelvis towards the ceiling with a gasp.

Tony cupped the whole of her crotch in his hand and gently rubbing, parted her lips and inserted his middle finger inside her now even more moist opening - feeling her clitoris with his thumb and pressing against the roof of her cunt now with his finger - searched for those sensitive areas - he brought his head down and brushed his lips lightly against her pubic hair - already the smell of Carol's juices, the beautiful scent of her cunt was arousing his own erection to a full, throbbing stiffness.

His tongue now hunted out her clitoris - flicking, pressing into either side, underneath - coaxing it - easing it to expose itself - its smooth swollen surface - to the slippery juices of Tony's saliva - he felt that shiny dome between his teeth - could hear Carol's breathing changing - open mouthed now - becoming faster, heavier - working with his inserted finger on her G spot - on the roof of her vagina and kissing, gently sucking, willing that little clitoris to swell and swell - he felt her rhythm rising and rising - taking over from his tongue with a finger of his other hand - Tony positioned himself - his head now squarely between Carol's thighs - his tongue extended, stiffened to a point - he licked the juices flowing from Carol's opening, trickling down towards the tightened asterisk of her anus - he licked around the circumference of her beautifully tasting labia - sucking at them with his lips - withdrawing his finger for a while - Tony embraced the whole of her cunt in his mouth sucking furiously, swallowing her taste, her smell, bathing in the torrential bliss that was now bringing both of them out in a slight sweat - pushing his tongue as far as would reach inside her - the taste of his Goddess - they were actually making love -  the world could have started spinning in an opposite direction - neither of them would have noticed - not now - they had entered that oblivion - where passion alone cracks her whip - free-falling to the inevitable - they were now floating - rising - or descending - accelerating - heartbeats - breathing - all to a crescendo of red heat, smells, tastes all merged, sensations started to become one sensation - dancing to the same drumbeat - louder and louder - Tony had no idea how his beloved would react - what was her rhythm? - they were both improvising on a theme - on the theme of lust -  the clitoris again - the tongue spiraling around its shiny mound - Carol's erection - tasted so good, felt so wonderfully excited and exciting - Tony could sense from her breathing and the twitching of her pelvis, her widening hips - inviting, demanding him to fuck her now, fuck her now - he knew that he was so sensitive, that he would wait till the last possible moment before he introduced his cock for the first time - into that wonderland of warmth, of slippery heaven - it had to be now, it had to be now - Tony grasped his throbbing prick and easily found Carol's moist opening - crying, open mouthed to be fucked - oh boy, was this good - he felt the tip of his penis touch the soft inside of her cunt - he pulled Carol close to him - grasping her thighs - pulling themselves groin to groin - he slowly pushed his cock right inside her - pushing - slowly entering the final rhythm - all the time moistening his fingers with saliva and teasing the clitoris - he wanted them to explode together - to disappear in a fireball - of mutual orgasm - surely Carol was almost there - her vocal utterances, her totally ecstatic noises indicated that she was reaching the top - ready to fly away - the energy that he wanted to fuck her with was in proportion to his passion - slam, slam their loins bumped, faster and faster - harder and harder - Tony started to feel the door of his orgasm opening - gritted his teeth - tried to hold back - while keeping the pumping rhythm - " Fucking hell Carol - I love you, I fucking love you - baby I fucking want you for ever and ever - feel me in your cunt - your fucking beautiful cunt - I fucking want to burst inside you - fucking hell - oh! -Oh!"

Carol started shouting "I'm going to come - awwww! - Oh! - Ahh! - I'm coming - I'm going to come - yes - yes - harder - harder - ah! -ah!"
"I'm coming - I'm going to fucking drown you in come"  shouted Tony - "fuck I love you  - I fucking adore you - I'm coming . . ."

And the fireball exploded - jets of foam erupted from the end of Tony's cock - spurting with the force of rifle bullets into Carol's waiting insides - accompanied by ripples of heat - shuddering, shattering pulses from the root of his body - the tip of his cock to the ceiling of his brain - he roared - a deafening roar.
Carol was herself twitching - shaking - moaning one long orgasmic moan - a squeal that could have brought the angels from heaven.
Tony felt every ounce of fluid in his body being squirted into Carol - he would not spare one single drop.
They remained motionless - the occasional shudder passing between them - still embedded into one another - pressed as close as they could possibly be.

Tony slumped on to his back - being careful not to pull his now deflating cock out of Carols sucking cunt - she wanted to hold on - he could feel her pulsing - her muscles tightening and loosening their grip on his penis - how fucking wonderful was that.

Then Tony had a sudden urge, something he had never thought of before - he wanted to lick Carol clean - he wanted to suck and swallow all the mingled juices from her.
"Darling, beloved - empty yourself into my mouth." She knew exactly what Tony meant and knelt up slightly opening her legs for Tony to approach her from underneath.
Slowly the juices trickled down - the warm juices - both of them - their taste - combined - their passionate elixir - Tony scoured with his tongue searching Carol's now extremely sensitive cunt for any remaining drops.
"Don't swallow it Tony - don't" Said Carol as she pulled Tony onto his side and stretched out alongside him. Tony felt his damp cock rubbing on her thigh - which caused a tingle of delight.
Grabbing the back of Tony's head in her hand - she pushed her mouth up to his and forced her tongue into Tony's mouth - forming a seal with their lips - they exchanged all these juices - passing it back and forth - adding saliva of their own - the tastiest, human soup - their combined essence.
When they pulled apart - each had a sufficient mouthful - which they revealed to each other - white and glistening on their tongues - before, mutually staring into each other's eyes - they swallowed into the depths of their being, and fell into each other's arms - the beautiful sensation of Carol's naked body - limbs entwined - just felt so comforting - so absolutely perfect. Tony pulled her close to him sharing as much contact of flesh as he could - and they wriggled about to enclose themselves underneath the cover of the bed.
They just lay there in each other's tight embrace - breathing restoring to its normal speed and depth - glowing from head to toe - shut their eyes and drifted off into each other's dreams.
Tony was in heaven at last.


After a few hours of peaceful sleep, Tony awoke, desperately needing the bathroom. Carefully and slowly sliding himself sideways out of the bed and creeping across the floor - silently closing the bathroom door - and answering natures call as quietly as was possible.
The dilemma - to flush or not to flush - that is the question.
Hmmm - he cast his mind back to earlier on, just before his shower and remembered it not causing too much noise - so the chrome button on top of the cistern was pressed - and to Tony's further relief, was incredibly quiet.
He crept back to the bed, and carefully climbed in again.
There was still sufficient light, because of the undrawn main curtains, to cast a glow - enabling Tony to look at the incredibly beautiful vision, fast asleep next to him in the bed.
Carol - curled up on her side - eyes tight shut - he wondered where she was in her dreams.
Such a picture of peacefulness - he had a close look at the tattoo on her right shoulder - "Mum" - hopefully - in Chinese - she had informed him.
He carefully drew the bed-cover up to keep her warm.
Her eyes blinked open - again that pixie like smile - "I'm not asleep, either," she said "I woke up the minute you moved away from me."
"Oh my darling, I'm so sorry to have woken you" responded Tony, annoyed with himself.
"No, I'm glad - really glad - this time together is far too precious to spend sleeping."
"My God, you're so right" agreed Tony "I think the only appeal of sleep is to escape the awful thought of you flying away from me to Brazil. Still - I knew what the deal was."
"Yes" said Carol "But I don't really want to go - I mean - I can't see any point. I only want to be with you - I am so, so happy, being with you, I want to give it a go. Yes, we've both got lots of loose ends to sort out - but this is an opportunity, don't you think?"
"Opportunity?" Exclaimed Tony - and laughed out loud "Bloody hell - I can't believe it - hearing you say that - fuck me - I can't stand this, I've died and gone to heaven - I must have . . ."
Carol reached down and pulled Tony's penis which was starting to rise again - caused by the news that she had just announced - total release of any trace of inhibition, any stain of doubt.
"Do they have these in heaven, then?" inquired Carol, jokingly "Well - I can answer that - yes they do - because I was there a couple of hours ago."
Tony gently pressed Carol back onto the mattress from reclining on her elbow, and planted a kiss on her breast - holding on to her rib-cage at either side - and flickered at her nipple with his tongue. Never before had he felt so surrendered to his love - never before had he felt so bursting with adoration. If Carol felt even remotely the same sort of feelings - this was it - big time - this was a match carefully drawn up in heaven - prepared for by all of their lives so far - awaiting this time.
In fact - it could have been many lifetimes - to wait for such perfection as this to come along.
He lowered his hand and rubbed Carol's little crop of pubic hair, feeling that rising mound just below her stomach - it was just a perfect fit for his hand - it just felt like here was his Eve. The strokes of his hand gradually lengthened so that his middle finger gently glided over her closed lips - sensing, exactly where her beautiful, pink, glistening vagina lay - just a parting away. Unmistakably, Carol was moist again. This moistness has an immediate effect, indicating readiness - it is instinctive - the male response with an erection - the more that wetness is felt - the stiffer, the more throbbing the erection becomes.
Tony moved himself on to his back and lifted up his cock - Carol passed one leg over his torso and squatted down on his thighs - with both hands, she grabbed Tony's pulsing member and started to massage, in a most erotic fashion - leaning forwards and allowing an elastic dribble of saliva to slowly descend from her tongue until it fell right upon the eye of his penis and lubricated the whole of the purple head.
Then, holding with one hand, she lifted herself forwards onto her knees, and positioned herself ready to slide his stiff cock into her gloriously warm cunt.
"Oh, fuck!" Tony thought to himself - "That is fucking amazing" and let out a groan of delight. Slowly, enjoying every inch of the slow descent - Tony's cock slid up into the ever comforting inside of Carol's intimate femininity. Tony grasped her about the waist and brought both of his thumbs to gently contact her clitoris - occasionally removing a hand to his mouth for saliva. Occasionally grasping as much of her breasts as he could possible squeeze without causing any pain - rubbing his thumbs over and around her taught nipples.
Then Carol withdrew herself from Tony's cock and rubbed the wet and sensitive end of it upon her clitoris - rubbing more and more energetically.
Surprisingly, Tony felt another wave of urgency to come - to shed more seed - despite having, he thought, completely drained himself a couple of hours previously - this was rare for him - very rare - it was purely Carol's doing - she just was so delectable - and Tony did not feel the slightest discomfort in her company - far from it - he felt alive, bursting with love, life, passion, tenderness, excitement - the future seemed to stretch out in front of him like a lush green meadow, clear blue sky, a radiant sun beaming down upon them both.

"Tony, I know that you say you are sensitive - so let me get most of the way there before you start getting energetic - I understand these things, I'm so turned on by all this, I'm not very far off already. Come down, I really enjoyed your mouth - can I have some more please - he, he," she chuckled "Oliver Twist - with a twist!"
"Yes it's a real pain" Tony said "I get so turned on as well, and focused, it's just a straight line to orgasm - you know, that, and the perceived power that you have over me, through my desire for you - is at the root of my feelings - I don't ever imagine myself as able to just go on hammering away - which is how I perceive a woman's expectations - how I imagine women dream of being satisfied. You see, that's why I never even get close to evaluating sexual performance - I don't even like to enter that arena - so I never would contemplate evaluating you on your sexual performance - I am turned on by you - that's as far as it goes - that's all that matters - everything else is just pure intimate joy. And I am turned on by the intimacy, by being close to the person I love and adore - in a completely unpretentious and natural way - no artifice - any form of intimacy, of sharing, is just complete heaven for me - I mean for goodness sake - it doesn't all hinge on orgasm does it? The fact that I am telling you this, is an indication of how much I feel so complete with you - complete in wanting you to have my trust. I have never told anyone else about this fear of mine. Not even my therapist." He chuckled - no therapist could ever get close to this - somehow it required this physical, emotional intimacy, the acceptance that he felt by Carol - for good or for bad - he didn't feel as if she had a judgmental bone in her body.

In his mind - any form of judgement was simply a non starter as far as Carol was concerned - he felt incapable of concealing, of reversing his adoration for her - it was just inconceivable.
"Can you put your tongue to work, please - don't try and carry on this conversation at the same time - it's ridiculous, and it would sound even more ridiculous coming from down there." She laughed - and Tony saw how funny that picture was - and laughed so hard that Carol was bounced up and down on his stomach. "I've been hanging on to you for about half an hour now - I don't see any signs of change, yet - your'e still excitingly stiff - and you haven't squirted me in the face yet." More laughter - the laughter was almost as good as the orgasm - sharing that laughter - just brought Tony's heart to his mouth again and he wriggled out and sat up from under Carol's bottom, and just hugged her for all he was worth - rocking her from side to side - "Oh I love you so much - so, so much - I can't believe this bursting inside - I feel like I'm being reborn."
Carol lay down on to her back, and bent her legs at the knees, opening herself - ready for Tony to start painting her, tasting her, licking, feasting on her delicacy - "Please - Mr Bumble" she said, and giggled - Tony understood the reference and tried to contain his sniggering laugh as he pointed his tongue, shut his eyes and passed through heaven's door again.

Tony was sure that he heard a faint bleeping sound - he concentrated his acute musician's ears - yes - again he heard it.
"Darling, Tony - please excuse me I have to go to the bathroom."
Carol efficiently swung her legs over to the floor and stood up - collecting something from her shoulder bag by the door of the room - she disappeared into the bathroom. Tony heard the door being locked.
Somehow - her mood had changed - was it a mobile phone? That bleeping - was it all connected to this visit to the bathroom.
Idle wondering flitted across Tony's mind as he caught himself unconsciously playing with his stiff penis.
He listened intently - but could hear no signs of a conversation - maybe a text message or something.
Come on - it was none of his business - why should he feel any cause for concern - he hoped everything was still alright - that whatever it was - was not some bad news or anything unpleasant for his adored Carol to receive.
Tony stood up on the bed and posed with his erection in front of the mirror on the dressing table across the room.
A police siren whistled below on the street and sped on down the road.
Tony walked over to stare out of the window - at the twinkling early morning lights of Frankfurt through the net curtains - suddenly awoken to remembering that he was in Germany - from his timeless other-worldly consciousness.
Time crept by. Awareness gradually became in tune with the fact that Carol had now been silently in the bathroom for - perhaps longer than was usual. He'll wait a bit more. No he won't - he strolled over to the bathroom door and gently tapped "Are you OK sweetheart?"
Silence . . . "Fuck!" Tony thought, and knocked again, this time more urgently. "Everything alright darling?" He listened for a response - but none came. "Darling?" he inquired in the normal level of voice to communicate through barriers of wood "Darling, hello - you are in there?" A ridiculous question - there was no way out - except down the toilet - down one of the plugholes.
He examined the door handle, there was a safety mechanism - a coin sized slot headed screw that would turn the lock. He dashed to his trousers to sort through the loose change - with a suitably thin coin he undid the bolt keeping the door secure, knocked again - and pressed down on the handle opening the door . . .

CHAPTER 8 (into infinity)

Both Carol and Tony were genetic androids, manufactured in the required way on the planet Earth - an intriguingly blue planet - positioned towards the end of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.
One of the peculiarities of this particular model, (quite ancient in relative terms - they had been on the planet for a few thousand years now) - was their tendency to forget that they were indeed, just genetic androids, created originally from plans drawn up by a genius scientist (whose name has been lost over the years.) Placed on the planet among an enormous variety of other models, ranging from the microscopic to the elephantine, the Homo Sapiens model (the creator was having a little joke here - the name means "Wise Human" - he thought that this name would produce some interesting dynamics) was completely self generating - they had, built in to them, the means to reproduce.
The basic instruction set was contained on a small E-prom chip, located at the rear of the skull and was as follows (in order of priority.)

Main instruction set.

* Preserve existence of self.
* Reproduce.

Sub-set 1.

* Obey programmed tendencies.
* Appetites.
* Regular self servicing.

Sub-set 2.

 * Integrate behaviour with other models, without contradicting Main instruction set.

* Explore deeper programming levels when ready.

And so on - and way down the list, at Sub-set 639, we will find "Be happy."

As you can see, the level of programming reveals the absolute genius of the creator - there are an almost infinite amount of permutations available, as each model cycles through the instruction set in random mode, governed by a unique crystal clock frequency.
It is not at all surprising that these models did not often find themselves faced with one of the further sub-set instructions (put there as a little tease by the creator, a little fanfare of applause for himself) which was "Find out the truth about yourself."
Very occasionally a model would have a clock malfunction while cycling through this particular instruction - with remarkably insightful results, which of course would not be believed by any of the other models. What would be the point, anyway - they were restricted in the manner in which they could understand communication with each other, which did not allow for direct transfer, but required all internal thought processes to be codified into a series of symbols, which could be written or sounded by speech capabilities. It was all very confusing for them - because each particular model could only really understand the objects within its own memory, to which it had applied the code (it was part of the tease.) So much so that the confusion tended to be blanked out, and by mutual agreement, new models were drilled in adhering strictly to not questioning any form of code.

As an extra measure to ensure almost total uniqueness among models, they were provided with the ability to enter new code directly into their own RAM - it could be done with a little key-pad on the back of the charger unit.
Yes, unfortunately, they did need constant recharging of the batteries which powered the E-prom and RAM. This was usually done at night, but models would sometimes risk approaching the maximum duration of a charge - which was estimated to be between 24 and 36 hours. When a dangerous low level was detected, a discrete bleep would sound in the model's ear. In suitable conditions, it could be picked up by another model in the audio channels.

This was obviously what Tony had heard - not realizing that Carol would have taken such a risk as to go to "alarm level" - as it was called.

Bursting in through the door - a comforting sight - of course he had forgotten - again - that he was just a genetic android - being caught up so much in the exhilarating rewards of the main instruction set.
There was Carol - saving the last of her dangerous charge level by remaining silent - plugged in to the razor socket above the sink.
"Oh, I'm so sorry Darling - I was - worried - silly me."
"It's that old forgetting!" they both laughed out loud, Carol now past the danger level.
Tony gave her a hug - his programming responding to the sight of her unclothed body.
Suddenly Carol blurted "Shall we play code-swap?"
"Do you trust me that much?" Tony inquired, now sitting on the edge of the bath.
"Of course I do - look - I've already decided not to go to Brasil - so if something does go tits-up, one of us should be able to get help - there's a service desk at reception anyway" responded Carol excitedly.

After the regulation half-hour charge up (it always had to be half an hour, no matter what the charge level - and models were locked in to the charge session - part of their programming - impossible to bypass) they both returned to the bedroom.
Tony got his charge unit out of its padded bag and they both looked at each other with a wry smile, like two teenage models trying alcohol for the very first time - as they slid the mode switch over to the "Code Input" position - and handed each other their chargers.
As Tony scrolled down on Carol's charger - he could not help but read the latest input of code - presumably done by herself - sometime earlier - it read ""Occasionally disoriented, infrequently beautiful, hopelessly romantic, prevalently overrated, normally misunderstood and always searching."

"Wow!" Tony thought to himself - what an intriguing set - that must be amazing living with that for a while.
You see - the whole fun of "coding" as it was called - was to find yourself living in an entirely new world. Things did very often get routine, lacking in excitement, for these forgetful creations - so coding was commonly used as a distraction from some of the more urgent sub-sets, that kept appearing, according to some mysterious algorithm incorporated by the creator - well - that and traces of memory, traces of previous codings - it was all incredibly complex.

They took it in turns to plug the interconnect cord into the socket (the same as the charge socket) in the backs of each other's head - and plug the units into the power sockets among the lights at either side of the bed.
Carol had given Tony her trust - and likewise - Tony had passed verbally that most special of agreements. It cannot be emphasized how risky this procedure could be in the wrong hands. One model was literally empowering another to input into RAM a completely new surface code.
The name for superficial thought and behaviour patterns - surface - because compared to the deeper sophistication of the programming, which was out of reach, usually, these aspects were accessible.
Nevertheless - as you can imagine - in the wrong hands - and occasionally, coding was done through force and coercion - code rape, it was called - a practice that deserved the stiff penalties imposed if the perpetrators were ever caught.
In the wrong hands - it could lead to unpredictable, bizarre, embarrassing results. The pledge of trust - instilled from entry into the world by a model's guardians - was the most sacred pledge - the most profound matter imaginable.

Yes - people had managed to crack various aspects of the main instruction set - it was dangerous - but in the wrong hands - unfortunately possible. For completely selfish gain - it was known on rare occasions for a crack to be installed, rendering the model stuck entirely in part 2 of the main instruction set - reproduce - thus rendering the poor recipient a total sex slave - until re-coding. This was a dangerous, risky strategy - because of the proximity to part 1 - Preserve existence of self - for if a model became lodged on that instruction - it became a lethal fighting machine - and would destroy itself before giving up its attack mode of behaviour to any other model in the vicinity - justice indeed for the rogue code-rapists.

So although code swapping was considered entertainment, it was a great responsibility and required great thought before the fingers started their dance on the partner's keypad.

They both sat there, on top of the bed - deep in thought - the minutes passed. Almost visibly, the ideas scrolled across the foreheads.
"Hmmm" thought Tony to himself "I've never been this stuck before - I can't think of anything."
Carol was having identical thoughts - their eyes - more often meeting to check for any glimmer of something that either had come up with.
Until - their eyes rested - looking deep into the other - staring wide as a dawning awareness grew inside both of them - "I think I've found 639" - and quick as a flash they sprawled across the bed top to opposite corners of the pillows and plucked the chargers from their sockets - causing a reset.
This had become folklore - people spoke of resetting while in 639 - films had been made, books written - it was the holy grail of a genetic android's existence - and it had happened to both of them simultaneously - reset now in 369 mode - for as long as they cared to continue - until the coder was used again - or for as long as they cared. Whether this was a design flaw, or another tease, will never be known - but for some reason the digits 6 & 9 become confused at reset - of course 69 is part of 639 - and while restore is taking place, the 6 and the 9 are completely ignored - moving what was instruction sub-set 639 all the way up in priority to part 3 - main instruction set - alongside and just after Reproduce.

Models who have this rare stroke of luck - find themselves in "happy mode" as fable has it - happy mode, right next to reproduce mode - it has other names - some call it love - which was believed to be some ancient acronym - but its meaning has been lost in time.

What it meant for Carol and Tony was that providing that they never used the coders again - for themselves - or on each other - in other words - accepted - themselves and each other (which seemed to be what was happening anyway - why they were so stuck on inventing a new bit of game-coding for each other) - providing they kept the coders out of the picture - they could stay in happy mode, right next to reproduce - for the rest of their time - and protecting each others modes from interference or modification.

The name given to genetic androids in this mode of operation was Human Beings - Carol and Tony had now been elevated to that elite class.


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