Celestial Signs

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Since early man gazed at the sky, the relationship between our most familiar heavenly bodies - the Sun - the Moon & the Earth - have been imparting, in a most graphic form - a portrayal of the human spiritual condition.

We have a representation of Spirit, mind and body - in the Sun, the Moon and the Earth.
Earth, the familiar - our home - matter - mother - reminds us of our own bodies - animated and made aware only by the light of Spirit - the Sun.

The moon - illuminated, not by its own light - again, only by the light of the sun - a phantom glow of reflected light - cold and unfeeling - similar to the mental apparitions created by perception, which in similar fashion, we only ever see one side of - the side which is turned to face our own, singular perspective.
Subjectively, there is no other perspective possible - it is locked in to the gravitational pull of the earth, its perspective is entirely due to the physical mass and form of the earth - precisely the same relationship between our individual bodies and our own minds. 
In eclipse - the light of the sun is only discernible as a faint, peripheral glow - the relative size of the moon is a perfect match to obliterate all presence of the sun.
Precisely the same relationship as our ego - to our spirit.

Although the moon rarely appears to obliterate the sun entirely - we see it more often, partially - in various degrees - perhaps our detachment from the influence of thought can be moderated.
Occasionally - because of this celestial trigonometry - we cannot see the moon at all - it passes by invisibly.
A silent mind perhaps?
It is still there - we are simply not aware of it - because our attention is elsewhere? 

Are there perhaps at least 7 billion other stars - other suns - other spirits? 

The sun's light and warmth which give us physical life, imparts all energy for life's survival on planet earth - a body with no spritual presence is dead - no more than the dust of the earth. 

Most graphic of all - the distinction between night and day - light arises afresh with each new dawn - each new life - an innocent day is begun.
Can we say, when night-time comes - that we cherished that light, that we found it a miraculous blessing - and when our season revolves into winter - and death - can we still rest in the inner glow, of our own, personal sun? 

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