Home Sweet Home

How easy it is to be seduced by the sense of familiarity, within four comforting walls, surrounded by our own nostalgic trophies, the nurturing security and warmth of that place we call home.

What imaginary cloak do we discard as we enter through that door, as we slip into casual, is it not tempting to pass over a psychological threshold, and forget that we may be relaxing into that wall to wall softness, a bespoke world wrapped in cottonwool, crammed with artifacts of obsession & distraction, the luxury of flick-of-a-switch immediacy - at the expense of remembering where we really are - forgetting that the very fabric of this home is not really courtesy of the mortgage or our industry, but a part of existence itself.

Is it not the same when we slip into the unconsidered ease of conceptualisation, we relax into a world of make believe, the consensus world - where things are things without question.

A world which begins and ends with form.

A world of obedience and loyalty to appearance, to labels, to the ultimate veracity of language - an entirely superficial psychological world, built from the necessity of communication.

However, it is a world that is totally misleading - seducing us to believe in a permanence, in an unchanging solidity - forcing our focus, if we are not careful, into a stubborn and unyielding illusion of concreteness - always at the expense of losing touch with the constantly fluid unfolding of ourselves and our consistently refreshed perception of our environment.

It is the same artifice that would have us believe in a historical separation, billions of years past, when God wound up His clockwork, mechanical universe, and set it loose.

No - it is not so - there is no separation whatsoever.

Creation is now - always now.

We are constantly and consistently refreshed, supported, unfolding - with new potential flooding into our being - all completely beyond our control, whether we are conscious or unconscious - entirely unconditionally we receive the present moment.

This can all be appreciated simply and instinctively as a relationship with the creator, but unfortunately, anything further than this basic simplicity creates too much headroom for conceptual error and distortion.

There is ample space in the vacuum of mystery for it to be filled with manipulation and fear.

Our inquisitive questions will only cease, once we have penetrated the veils of our own ignorance - with a sufficient depth to become transformative.

This penetration however, requires that we become aware of the causes and reasons for our own ignorance - and can result in a rather deconstructed picture of our own being - when we separately identify body, mind and spirit.

We may start to acquire purely intellectual affectations, which are only relevant to this deconstructed image.

Reintegration is necessary - to become whole again - a psychological integration - with a deep understanding that the human being is greater than a sum of parts - and fundamentally a creational idea - a wonder, which has never been other than free.

A being which naturally resonates with peace and love.

Holistic and wholeness can become no more than representational concepts - abandoned, now for their own reality.

Likewise - all language, labels, communicational constructs - may now dissolve - into the stillness & silence of being.

Miraculous is synonymous with understanding.
Appreciation is synonymous with awareness.
Peace is synonymous with the void.
Joy is synonymous with abundance & fulfillment.
Gratitude is synonymous with glory & praise.

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